Thursday, May 3, 2012

A New Contributer

I would like to ask you to give a warm welcome to Elisha, the newest member of the SahD writing team. Getting to know her has been a joy, and I hope you will feel the same. Here she is to tell you a bit about herself.

 I am a 23 year old young lady, seeking to serve my earthly and Heavenly Fathers to the utmost. I am a homeschool graduate, an herbalist, a writer, avid gardener, country girl and a dreamer. 
 Since my Mama died in '97 of inflammatory breast cancer, I have been the homemaker in our house, although I miss her very much I have learned so many things about running a household and I love every aspect of it, I cannot wait until the day that I meet the man that God has made for me and we are able to have our own quiver full of children.
 Since I was very young I have always loved words, I loved to read and I loved making up stories. I decided in '09 to put my words to good use and created a blog, I have been blogging ever since and love it. I hope to one day write my own book or two. You can read  and/or follow my blog at

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