Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I’m in the market for writers!

As all or most of you have blogs, I know you can write to some extent!

You don’t have to become a permanent Co-author to contribute. (Though I’m open to that as well!) Remember that yummy recipe you made last week? What about that Titus two moment you had a few weeks ago with a Stay at home mom from your church. I’d LOVE for you to write about it. And if you’ll Email it to me, I’ll post it here with due credit!

My email is Stayathomedaughtersfellowship[@]gmail[.]com (remove brackets)

Write about anything "Comfortable and homey" that you want!

But please do! I can’t keep this going by myself.

I await your articles! I can already see some of the delightful posts you will send me!

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