Thursday, November 25, 2010


We so often take this day for granted, with it's turkey and cranberry sauce, and we forget what it's really all about. As we learned in preschool, Today we remember the feast that the pilgrims hosted to thank the Indians for pretty much saving the settlement. Today was set aside to emulate them, But instead... it's all about the turkey. (Sounds familiar come "Christ"mas time right?)
We do the same thing in prayer sometimes. We get so wrapped up in the sick or lost relatives, or, heaven forbid, that pair of boots we've been drooling over (among other wants and wishes), that we forget to thank him for what he's already done.
You know, if a friend stepped in front of a bullet for you, especially if they lived, there would be no end of thanks to them. I know I, at least, would fall slave at their feet, making sure they never wanted for anything again.
But didn't Jesus do the same thing? And yet, we can only ask for more.
So take aside time, among the basting, decorating and entertaining, to stop, and thank God for the Sunshine. Or the rain or snow! Thank him for bringing your family together, and if he didn't, thank him for the time of solitude to spend with him. And thank him, most importantly, for the sacrifice he made for you!
So what are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Here is a lovely post on Wool skirts from Natasha. She also wanted me to let you know that she is working on a modest fashion show and that if you are interested to pop over to her blog and sign up! here you are! Enjoy!

Wool Skirts By: Natasha Atkerson
In my quest to dress more feminine, I've come across a new favorite: Wool Skirts!
While cotton skirts are appealing in the Summer time, they can become quite cold in the Winter! I live in Montana, so it can get pretty cold. Instead of abandoning skirts in the Winter, I've found wool skirts. Picking up Pendelton (a pretty expensive brand!) skirts at Goodwill last week was my best buy ever! They keep the chill out-and they look cute!

Where to find wool skirts:
Thrift shops
Vintage stores
Make one
Keep your eyes peeled!

How To Wear Them:
Pair wool skirts with dress boots, granny boots, ballet flats and maryjanes. I think the best length is shown above. any shorter would really defeat the purpose! If you are an hourglass shape (like me) the skirt would look best with a loose fitting top, tucked into the skirt with a wide belt at the waist. Stay away from skinny belts as they will add un wanted attention to your chest. And be sure to pick up a pair of cozy knee highs, or tights! If a day is extremely cold, wear furry boots, tights/leggings with one or two pairs of socks (depending on the tempature!)

Natasha is a 16 year old Christian, Homeschooled Pk! Her passion is for modesty and encouraging young ladies to dress in modest, feminine apparel. She enjoys many things and has been deemed "book worm" you can visit her at her blog: be sure to leave a comment and follow if you like what you see

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Girls I so, so hate to do this, this way, but I have to... Dads out of town and I have no way of getting to the library... So I have to do this from my phone so you can get it by Thanksgiving. But that means no pictures... And no "" So the old fashioned way it was. (Don't worry I got everything on film and will upload when I'm near a comp) Names on slips of paper with the a number to note what order you commented in. The slips of paper went into a hat. Eyes closed I picked out a paper. And Patrizia #8 is our winner! congratulations Patrizia! You will need to email me (Info in sidebar under "Contribute") with your home address or somewhere to send it and the item from Samantha's shop that you want. And we'll see if we can get it to you by Thanksgiving! Congrats again! ~Meggie

Stay at home Sunday

November 20th
Another Sunday another post!
Thanksgiving is this Thursday! are you ready? Is the food all bought? The house all decorated?
Are you like me and procrastinate till the last minute?
or are you relaxing gently while waiting for a trip to the home of a flabberghasted relative?
Or even more relaxed are you one of those lucky Canadians who are already through with Thanksgiving?
Our Thanksgivings are always a flurry among my nuclear family of "So what are we doing this year?" Christmas has always been planned out with traditions and set schedules, but thanksgiving is sure not.
The relative on my Dad's side all decide to save the drama until Christmas, and do other things on this day, but we still like to visit my Grandparents. My Mom's side is very demanding on all holidays, it's "Their way or you can come by yourself another day" Which is rather upsetting sometimes... And finally we have some friends in the community, a middle aged couple who are not only inviting their family, but have invited all the "Lost Puppies" among their friends. Last year... I think it was, we joined them. ;D lol!
So what are your traditions? Any ways you especially try to give thanks unto our Father on this day? (And Don't worry, I already have a post read for the day itself for a "Give thanks" post. :)
Well I'll let you get back to travel and flower arrangements. :D
Love and Huggs!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ask Anne

Ask Anne
Okay actually we'll be asking each other...
Once every week to few weeks, (depending on how much response we get to this..)
I'll host an "Ask Anne" post.
Do you have a burning question? A recipe you can't find? A concept you don't understand? A prayer request?
This is the place to ask it!
To ask, simply Email it to me! (info in the contributions button in the sidebar)
Then the next time I post an "Ask Anne" Your question will appear and if someone knows the answer or has an opinion they will comment a reply!
I'll start!
My question is; when is piping an armcye necessary? and.. excuse my ignorance... what is it and how is it done? (tutorials welcome!)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Want an Sahd button for your blog?

Here you go!

To add it to your page go to the "Design" link under your blog, click add gadget, then add picture, then upload it to your page! Be sure to add the link!!

Wordless Wednesday Photoshop magic!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stay at Home Sunday, Veterans Day Version

November 13th.
Stay at Home Sunday again!
This week happened to include veterans day. I am so proud of our men and boys! My Grandfather was in the pacific in WWII, my mom's dad was in the air force just after. My dad served in the army around the time of vietnam but never had to go overseas. And I have several church friends now who are either serving or were recently discharged.
Patriotisms always makes me think of the 40's The strength, not only of body, but of the minds of our boys. But not just the boys, the women here on te homefront. Keeping the faith here at home, watching and waiting for either our men to come home, or for that dreaded telegram. They worked here to keep the country moving while the world was at war. So as you Remember our boys, remember the Women too.
Do any of you have any friends or relatives who are veterans? How about any interesting stories that stem from that service?
I have pleanty of dear dinner table stories from my relatives, but no great medal of honor things. But those quiet precious stories,meant the most to the family though they wouldn't mean much to others. My Grandfather won a purple heart on Okinawa and stayed there until the surrender. He then came home to his wife (my Grandmother) and his then around two year old daughter that he had never seen. (my aunt)
What's your story?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanksgiving Giveaway!

I am thankful for all of you on this festive occasion! You brighten my life, every time you comment, or I see a new member pop up! thanks for joining in!
As thanks, Samantha has graciously offered to give one free item from her shop Emarie Creations!
So pleas check out her loverly sweet Items!! They're all so cute!
To enter simply comment here, then for an extra entry, post about this and Sahd on your blog then leave a separate comment to let me know about it! You have 'till sunday the 21 good luck!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Giveaways and Exchanges

Now this will be more of an issue come Christmas time.
But I need to find out how much ya'll want to do.
I'll most likely do a giveaway, deffinately for Christmas, possibly for thanksgiving (That's up to you)
To those of you who are handcrafters and especially to those who have etsies, I want to ask one of you to donate something to give. I don't mind entering something myself, but this gives those of you who want to, a way to contribute without having to write an article.
Secondly is exchanges, personally I love them! a straight get and give whether it's just a card or a larger gift. (nothing over $20 really) But this would require giving out an address to "Strangers." (Strangers here are those we just haven't been formally introduced to) I know a lot of us wish to conceal our Identity for safety's sake, so you wouldn't be required to enter. And as safe as I can think would be to list only an email address in a comment, or email it to me, so nothing would show up openly on this site. Then I would shuffle all the entries names and send you the email address of the person you would exchange with.
This is also a WONDERFUL opportunity to get to know a fellow SaHD. You can begin a correspondence, or simply get an address. I suggest the former. ;D it's much more fun and lessens the worry of giving an address to a "Stranger"
Also a way to avoid that is to give (With their permission of course) the address or a friend or relative, or even better a PO box, to keep from giving your own.
Now these are just suggestions. I won't condemn you if you don't enter. And if you have a better more organized way to do this as easily and safely as possible I am always open to suggestion!
But then would you like to exchange a gift? a Card? or both?
Please comment here and let me know! all these Holidays are creeping up on us faster than we realize!
And let me know here or email me if you have something you want to donate to a giveaway!
Love and Huggs!
Ps, If this is a success I would love to do these for things like spring seed exchanges, Valentines, St. Patrick's day, and beyond! So be prepared!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stay at Home Sunday

Mmmmm, November is here at last! Roll out the electric blankets and cocoa, the leaves have fallen and winter is on it’s way!

It’s funny, when the doors close and most people huddle up by the fire or heater, I’m at my most active!

I do all my spring cleaning in the fall… And I do a lot of walking and such once it gets cold. There is nothing I like better than to put on my long skirts and wool coat and go walking. To me, it’s better in the cold, I don’t have to worry about snakes or spiders, or grass that reaches over my head. (In which all of the above reside….)

What about you? Any "Getting ready for winter" traditions?

And here’s a question I’d like to ask. As it gets cold… you can’t very well hang clothes on the line. (I did in the dead of winder once and there were icicles hanging off my underwear! Eep!) So do you just give up and use the drier? Or do you have indoor apparatuses to hang clothes on?

We sometimes hang them under our stairs… (We have open uncarpeted stairs) but now I have a sewing corner there so that makes it difficult… Plus the cat liked to have fun knocking things off, then running to see if she’d killed it.

Well have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inspiring member post "From a would-be doctor to a wanna-be stay at home wife and Mom."

Well one of our new members has sent us her story as an inspiration post!

Please welcome Kristen!

It's hard to say where my story begins. I've always been raised in church, and knew how to live a Godly life, following the examples that my parents, and grandparents had set before me. I took my bible study time seriously, but always felt like there might be something more I could do to further my relationship with Him. I attended a local college, following in the footsteps of my peers, where I worked on a 4-year degree in Biology. I always wanted to be a doctor, so this was the first step. As I progressed through the courses, I started to lose focus on the end goal. I thought that maybe I was going through a "stage", and prayed that God would deliver the focus I needed to follow "His" plan for my life. But, what I didn't realize was that His plan, was completely different from my own. One night, I was watching TV, when a new show (new to me, anyway) flashed across the screen..."18 Kid's and Counting." It was as if a light bulb turned on in my brain. Their love for God, their morals, their togetherness as a family, is EXACTLY what I wanted in my life. I immediately turned to my bible, searching the scriptures for what might be an answer from God, that this was His plan for me. Titus 2:3 spoke to me, and I realized that God's plan for me wasn't to spend all my hours in a hospital, but instead taking care of my own family, and raising my children in the ways of the Lord.

Flash forward to today, I'm 27 and still waiting for God to show me the man that He has intended for me. I have faith that it will happen in His time, and I am contently working on my relationship with Him in the meantime. I still have occurrences when I'll blurt out some scientific fact that I have stored away in my brain. But, anymore the occurances are humorous, and my friends and family just laugh .I am working on learning to sew, cook, and manage a house. All of which I enjoy thoroughly. I am sharing this, to offer encouragement to women, who might just be realizing God's true plan for their lives. I lack very little to obtain a degree in biology, but instead have decided to turn my focus upward, and focus solely on Him.

Kristen N. Porter