Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Go out and PLAY!

I don't know about you, but in my Victorianist mind, and even in today's society, play ends at 13-14. At the latest. When you "Grow up" You put away the dolls and come indoors to learn to be an adult. At least that's what happened to me. I'm an only child so I was shy, and never very active anyways.

Now we come to it. I've lived a rather unhealthy, sedentary life style. and with all this snow, I have a serious case of cabin fever! And all those Christmas goodies are sitting on my middle, taking my 33" waist up to a 34"...

I thought about bringing out the exercise bike... But it's old and is rather hard on one's bum.
I thought about going for a walk, but I never can seem to get up enough speed, or go far enough, to really burn anything.

The other day, I got and email from my 70+ year old "adoptive" Nana. She's originaly from Florida and absolutely LOVES snow. She told me she had made a snowman, which I expected, We had done it together many times when I was little. But then she told me she planned on going sledding! To me the thought of my Nana Flying down a hill on a piece of plastic was a little more than strange. But then I thought, why not?

I had slipped and slid down my long steep driveway all week, it being a solid sheet of ice. So today I followed Nana's lead and got my dad's old steerable sled out and set it on top of the ice. A kick of the feet and I was off, flying down the hill, then running back up. A few times of that and I had my heart rate up.

Guess what? It was the best exercise I'd had in a long time!

Though we don't like to say it, some of us do have new years resolutions to lose weight or get in shape. No matter how you put it, no matter what music you put behind it, Working out is not fun... It's monotonous, and that's why people quit on it so easily. So here's my advise. Go play!

If you have little brothers and sisters, get out in the yard once or twice a week and have a rousing game of tag! Or any other game. If you don't have Siblings, play chase or fetch with your dog. If you have neither, go on a hike or a bike ride, just something to get you active, But make it fun!

Don't go by yourself if you can help it. Don't "Diet and exercise" Eat better and play!

Life can get awful monotonous if we never allow ourselves to have any rambunctious, get-up-and-go fun, so find gather some friends and get out and get moving! You'll be surprised how many memories you'll make, and how healthy and in shape you become!

Here are some sites with all kinds of fun old time games.



Stephanie Ann wrote recently on how to play a great game called "Blind Mans Bluff" Here


Enjoy the fun!
Ps, blog about what you do and leave a link in a comment, I'd love to see what fun things you come up with!

Written Jan 14 2010

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Contributors aka HELP!

All right... with Christmas over and done, maybe it will be easier for me to get here and post. But it seems internet is still going to be a ways off...

So I need some help!

Would any of you be interested in becoming a full time contributor? The post would last for six months, but if at any time, you felt life was holding you back, then you could stop.

Your duties would include writing at least one inspiring post a month (On anything you like so long as it stays within the bounds of the scripture) , and perhaps taking over "Stay at home Sunday" for me once in a while. So, not too hard.

To apply please send an email to "Stayathomedaughtersfellowship[@]gmail[.]com" (Remove brackets), and tell me a bit about yourself along with your blog link, and a link to any post of yours that you believe truly shows your writing style.

If you are chosen you would be given access to the blog and you could simply post whenever you like! You wouldn't have to go through me.

Though I would have final say, if I feel a topic is too controversial or mean I may remove it. But I trust you as good Christian girls that you wouldn't make me have to do that, ;D

This DOES NOT mean I wont accept guest posts from any of you who feel they can't become a full time Contributer. You may continue to mail your posts to me at the address mentioned above.

This would be a great help to me in times when my hands are tied and I can't post, and it would truly get things goin here.

I hope to hear from you soon!!


P.S. don't be discouraged if you aren't chosen. This is a temporary post so keep trying and keep writing! There's always a chance you will get it next time, and you can always send your posts to me instead. :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Header!!

First off I want to thank Lady Weaver for creating our Temp, isn't it cute??

It seems I've Made a mistake on some copyright laws. I get all my photos from "Weheartit.com" Which I will warn you if you decide to use it, sometimes you have to sift through a lot of crap to find anything good.

But anyways, I never realized our old header belonged to someone until they brought it to my attention recently. So if any of you used it on your blog, please go ahead and take it down.

Now, Lets make up for it and make a header we can be SURE belongs to us.

So here's the deal, I want to make a whole new header using pictures of you! I want you to mail me pictures of you sewing, or washing dished, gardening or cooking, pictures of you and your sisters, or in old fashioned clothes, send me anything you feel is homey or "Old fashioned"

I've created a new email specifically for this blog so make sure when you contribute from now on that you email this to Stayathomedaughtersfellowship@gmail.com

S please send as many as you like!

And don't be discouraged if your photo isn't used, I will archive all of them and I'll change tham out every once in a while, so keep sending them and keep your eye out!

And happy "Shooting"!