Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well Natasha asked me what I planned on doing here, so this is a full list of it....

*Deep breath*

First off, what is a "Stay at home Daughter?" For those that are wondering, we are a group of girls, sadly few and far between, usually aged 15- 30, that believe their calling in life is to be a stay at home wife and mother. Most of us believe that going to Colledge is not right for us, and chose to stay at home and learn from the best professors on our calling; God, first and foremost, And our Mothers and Grandmothers, (Not to mention other matronly women)

Now, on to this blog.

Why Did I start this? At the age of Nineteen (and earlier) I find myself lost in a sea of Doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other "Professional female students." I have nothing against that, but as someone who wants to do things the seemingly "Old fashioned" way and wait for God's calling, I'm highly scrutinized. Women are allowed to vote, hold property, be high ranking officials, whatever they want, but when they openly CHOOSE to be a mother, they are supposedly going against everything society has worked for.

Now here you are, you're young, smart, and have chosen the "Old fashioned" way. You believe that the Highest calling God gives ANY woman, is that of a mother. To raise your children to be like their "Father."

The problem is, now you're lost in that sea of Doctors and Lawyers, pushing you in the direction society wants you to go.

And here's the revelation, (or at least what I found as one), You are not alone! There are dozens of us, hundreds of us, lost, and trying to follow God's calling.

That is what this place is for. To commune and fellowship with others who share this calling. Others the same age, going through the same things, facing the same problems. And we're here for you. We understand, and we have advise to give!

Welcome! Come introduce yourself!

Now that we're here, what do we do?

Well here are my plans!

My first project is called "Stay at Home Sunday" every Sunday we get together and tell some of the things we have done toward a homemaking goal throughout the week. You can share a link to your blog, or a video, or simply chat about it. Did you try any interesting recipes? Clean a room from top to bottom? This is the place to share!

Unless you want to write a full article. Which is wholly welcome! Share that recipe or sewing project. Or an SaH "Revelation" you had recently. There is info on how to contribute in the side bar. Simply click to learn more!

Now, other things I want to see here, I'm planning some giveaways, and exchanges, for everything from Holidays to number of followers (So tell your friends! *wink wink* *Nudge nudge*)

I'd love to host old fashioned weeks (or weekends..), and modest fashion weeks, theme them or do something entirely different depending on the time of year.

For now I'm not sure what else really. There will be articles on everything from recipes, to modest dress, to cleaning tips, whatever. I'm hoping it will simply grow and blossom into something wonderful!

Now, here is the place for you to tell me your Ideas. I have barely started this! And any ideas you have will be FULLY appreciated! Just leave a comment!

Thank you so much for joining in!
Love and Huggs!

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The Editrix said...

I think those are all wonderful ideas!! I can't wait.

If I come up with any more ideas, I'll let you know.